History does repeat itself.

Capture now. Analyze later. With any tool you want.


Replay.io is a massive cloud store for all of your IOT, digital product, and big data events.

  • Keep All of Your History Safe

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    Store events in our cloud, or deploy our enterprise solution in yours.

  • Send Your Data To New Tools in 1 Click

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    Analyze your history with the most advanced tools at any time.

  • Capture Web, Mobile, and IOT Events

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    Record user, business, and environment events across all touch points.

We cover it all

Replay is Designed to Empower

Data Scientists, Marketing, Sales, IT, Engineering, and Executives

  • Analytics

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    Analyze product and feature usage, segment your users, and identify trends.
  • Advertising

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    Improve your CTR, know where your site visitors are coming from, and leverage retargeting.
  • CRM

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    Manage and automate customer relationships. Streamline your sales pipeline.
  • Marketing Automation

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    Send personalized emails, automate your campaigns, and analyze their effectiveness.
  • Usability

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    Optimize website design and copy for increased marketing ROI. A/B test feature variations.
  • Big Data

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    Data Scientists can copy your event history to the tools of their choice with one click.
  • Ecommerce

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    Increase conversion rates, follow-up on abandoned carts, and enhance your sales funnel.
  • Mobile Analytics

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    Track downloads, engagement, and retention. Analyze and improve your mobile experience.

All of your event history in one place.
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