Amplitude is a mobile analytics platform that enables you to answer the questions you have about your users. It identifies where users are dropping out of your funnels, who your most retained are, or who you are able to best monetize. You can track daily, weekly, and monthly active users, sessions, retention, device types, platform, country, language, app version, location, and more.


Certain event properties have special significance to Amplitude. Replay collects these properties and transforms them so that they fit the expectations of Amplitude’s API. The following table shows you the properties collected by Replay and the names of the Amplitude properties to which they are mapped.

Name of Property Collected By Replay Amplitude Property Name Required to track an event with Amplitude
distinct_id user_id Yes
event_name event_type Yes
amount revenue No
app_version app_version No
client_sdk client_sdk No
client_os client_os No
country country No
device_brand device_brand No
device_carrier device_carrier No
device_manufacturer device_manufacturer No
device_model device_model No
device_id device_id No
device_type device_type No
ip ip No
language language No
latitude location_lat No
longitude location_lng No
timestamp time No


Since Amplitude does not have a separate way to collect traits, Replay sends user information to Amplitude as an event. The following table shows you what Replay property is required for Replay to be able to accomplish this.

Name of Property Collected By Replay Amplitude Property Name Required to store user information with Amplitude?
distinct_id user_id Yes

All additional properties of a user that you provide are mapped to Amplitude’s user_properties dictionary.