Heap Analytics allows you to define events on your iOS or web app by using a simple point ‘n’ click interface, which requires no coding knowledge. It allows you to track any type of client-side user interaction, define user segments, and generate metrics that provide insight into your users’ behavior.


Certain event properties have special significance to Heap. Replay collects these properties and transforms them so that they fit the expectations of Heap’s API. The following table shows you the properties collected by Replay and the names of the Heap properties to which they are mapped.

Name of Property Collected By Replay Heap Property Name Required to track an event with Heap
distinct_id identity Yes
event_name event Yes

all the other event properties collected by Replay will be mapped to Heap’s properties object with key-value properties you want associated with the event.

NOTE: In order to get the best experience we recommend that you disable Track All Pageviews and enable both Replay.IO Integration and Provider JS Integration. These settings can be found under the Activation and Filtering sections that are displayed when you enable the HEAP integration.