Librato allows you to aggregate and manage continuous data streams for services that are scaled-out across multiple processes or hosts. It helps you group and visualize metrics so that correlations and dependencies between them can be found. Librato’s notifications let you know when a specific metric has crossed its threshold so that you can proactively address issues as they arise.


Certain event property names have special significance to Librato. We map the properties of events collected by Replay so that they have the proper Librato names. The following table shows you the properties collected by Replay and the names of the Librato properties to which they are mapped.

Name of Property Collected By Replay Librato Property Name Required to track an event with Librato
event_name name Yes
amount value Yes
page_url1 source No
timestamp meature_time No

1 The page_url is mapped to source as the domain in the url.

If a property collected by Replay does not have special significance to Librato, it is ignored.