Salesforce provides a suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Social Enterprise tools that are designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees’ interactions, both internally and externally.

NOTE (1): In order to use the Salesforce Integration with Replay.IO you need to have Integration via web service API enabled on your Salesforce account (currently it’s only available with an Enterprise plan or higher).

NOTE (2): In order to use the Salesforce Integration, you will need your Security Token. To find it:

  • Login to Salesforce
  • Click on the username dropdown in the top right and click My Settings
  • Select Personal on the left side navigation
  • Click Reset My Security Token which is the 6th choice down from the top in the “Personal” menu.

NOTE (3): When setting up Replay.IO integration with Salesforce do not combine your password and security token together - put them in separate fields.


We store any traits you send to Replay in the Salesforce Leads object. We will map any properties that are default fields in the Lead object to those respective fields, as well as we will map any custom fields for any additional properties that you may provide. Replay will not auto-create custom fields if they have been referenced in the API call. Any custom fields that are sent but have not been created in Salesforce will be ignored and the API call will be considered successful.

Additionally, the Address field in Salesforce is composed of the City, Country, PostalCode, State, and Street fields. An example trait call to add address properties could look as follows:

      "city":"San Francisco",
      "country":"United States",

The distinct_id is used to uniquely identify leads in the table.

Name of Property Collected By Replay Salesforce Property Name Required to store user profile with Salesforce
distinct_id DistinctId Yes
company Company Yes
last_name LastName Yes
description Description No
email Email No
fax Fax No
first_name FirstName No
industry Industry No
mobile_phone MobilePhone No
employees NumberOfEmployees No
phone Phone No
salutation Salutation No
title Title No
website Website No
annual_revenue AnnualRevenue No
clean_status CleanStatus No
company_duns_number CompanyDunsNumber No
email_bounced_date EmailBouncedDate No
email_bounced_reason EmailBouncedReason No
unread_by_owner IsUnreadByOwner No
last_referenced_date LastReferencedDate No
last_viewed_date LastViewedDate No
lead_source LeadSource No
owner_id OwnerId No
rating Rating No
record_type_id RecordTypeId No

All other properties will be mapped from snake_case to CapitalCamelCase before being inserted into the Lead object.