A Pipeline of Data, Going Everywhere You Need It

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    Users access your products bringing identity and behavior data with them.

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    Capture and track their interactions. Views; clicks; shares; any event type across devices and platforms.

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    All of your data is automatically backed-up in the Replay.io cloud.

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    Stream your real-time event data to any third-party analytical tool. Add new tools as your needs and goals change.

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All of Your Data Everywhere

You control your data. Replay.io frees you from being locked-in to any specific analytical provider.

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    Say goodbye toempty dashboards

    Replay.io makes your past data available to new tools the instant you activate them.

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    We safeguard andbackup your data

    You can access, export, and analyze all of your data now or at any point in the future.

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    Analyze past event tracking data

    Leverage the newest and most powerful analytical solutions to gain insights into your customers' behavior.

Insight Across Platforms: Mobile, Web, Server

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers' behaviors by analyzing their interactions across platforms and devices.

  • Relevant records

    Replay provides client libraries for web, iOS, Android, and server-side technologies so that you capture all relevant event tracking data.

  • Deploy it

    With Replay.io, you don't have to re-deploy your app every time you require a new integration.

  • Deeper data

    Replay.io enables integration with tools that help you to better segment your client base and elevate your cross-channel marketing mix.

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